Aquarium Aeration Basics for Your Fish Tank

Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans and other bodies of water are the natural habitats for fish and other marine life. Rivers and lakes have large surface areas which provides maximum distribution of oxygen for fish, making survival possible.

Aquarium Aeration Basics


On the other hand an aquarium is not like a river or lake, it has a tiny surface, area and there is limited movement for its inhabitants… thus the need for aquarium aeration. This makes it vital that we provide an alternative means of getting oxygen into our tanks so that our fish can breathe. The artificial process of providing oxygen is called aeration. It’s a simple process to set up, and it only take a few pieces of equipment, but it’s extremely important to your tank, and it’s inhabitants.

Aquarium Aeration Basics

Aquarium Aeration Basics:​ 

An aquarium aerating system is made up of a series of materials that increases the supply of air circulated into the water (thereby increasing oxygen concentration).  These are the supplies that you will need:​

-air pump ​
-t-pieces ​
-rubber tubing ​
-clamp or air flow regulator ​
-diffusers, or air stones ​
-check valve

Air pumps come in different shapes and sizes, and it is best to purchase a pump that is designed for your tank’s water volume. You can accomplish adequate aeration in your aquarium by using the above listed materials, but you can always add to your basic set up. You can keep things simple, or go as fancy as you want…or as your budget allows.  How about a theme tank?  Instead of just a plain air stone, you can choose one that looks like an erupting volcano or a treasure chest. As long as the system that you set up, generates air into the water to cause motion, which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your tank.

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