Aquarium Fish Food Tips

A balanced diet for your aquarium fish is essential to their survival. So, here are some Aquarium Fish Food Tips from me to you!

Most of the commercially available dry fish foods are almost always unbalanced. In many cases, the vitamin content will gradually decline at room temperature and since majority of the dry food for tropical fish commonly used will only keep for about three months, it is always advisable to buy fish-feeds in many small packs rather than in one large pack.

The feed is preferably be kept absolutely dry and in a refrigerator. However, all fish appreciate a change of diet and will thank you for your consideration with more interesting behavior, better colors, and showing greater readiness to breed and present a better, general well -being. This change of diet should be supplemented with live or frozen food, the majority of which now come in treated, freeze dried forms to make sure that they are disease free. ​

​When considering what brand to purchase for your fish while supplying them with flakes or pellets it is best to go right to the ingredients list. You will want to avoid foods that contain a lot of fillers (so anything that says it’s meal, ie: fish meal, shrimp meal, krill meal, etc) and go for the products that list whole ingredients instead. My personal favorite brands are New Life Spectrum and Omega One as they both use a lot of whole ingredients and are overall more healthy for my fish.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I hear from other hobbyists that their fish also go crazy for Fluval Bug Bites, which makes sense as fish are insectivores!

If you are able to, frozen blood worms would make for an ideal food source for your fish. Fresh, cooked, de-shelled peas are also good for helping fish with constipation as it works as a natural laxative-Daphnea also has similar benefits. If frozen foods are too expensive, you can always purchase the freeze-dried forms as well, and the nutrients are just as beneficial for your fish.

As always, be sure to remove any excess food your fish are unable to finish after feeding. I sometimes allow the leftovers to stay in the tank for a couple of hours to allow them to pick at it before vacuuming the debris out as not to allow ammonia to build up unnecessarily.

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