Benner’s Gardens Fencing for Backyard Chickens

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Free Range…Free Range…Free Range Chickens!  But what if you have a small backyard and you need those backyard chickens corralled into their own space?  Enter Benner’s Gardens.  They have so many fencing options, you’re sure to find just what you need for your little flock.  Although known for their fencing to keep deer out, they also carry pet and animal fencing to keep your animals in.  Order by the piece or by the kit…everything you need from posts, to gates, to ground stakes.

Benner's Gardens Fencing for Backyard Chickens

Since 1992, Benner’s Gardens has been committed to:

  • Providing safe, high-quality products.

  • Excellent customer service for all of your deer fencing and wildlife exclusion needs.

  • Offering competitive pricing for pet and wildlife deterrent and enclosure solutions.

  • Offering all types of deer fencing including high deer fence, animal repellants, dog enclosures, rodent barriers, wildlife nettings and turf protection.

Benner's Gardens Fencing for Backyard Chickens

Benner’s Gardens has excellent customer service.  If you aren’t sure what you need, don’t hesitate to ask.  They will be  happy to help you figure out the best solution for your situation.  Height options go up to 8 feet. You can choose from:

  • Poly Deer Fencing
  • Metal Deer Fencing
  • Fencing Kits / Standard / Ultimate / Ultimate Plus

Benner’s Gardens also carries animal repellent liquid, bird netting, rodent barrier fencing, and turf protection.  They offer retail and wholesale pricing. Check out their sidebar for a wealth of helpful information from

Assembly instructions can be downloaded and videos are available.

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