We Got Adopted by a Cat and Clawsable Has Been a Godsend!

My husband did not want any more pets.

No Cats


A month or so after we moved into our new home, a tiny little kitten showed up on our deck. It only came in the middle of the night, and would run away as soon as I opened the back door.  I worried about that darn cat every night.  After 6-8 weeks, it started to show up earlier and earlier each evening.  Then to my husbands sorrow, it started letting me pick it up.  Mind you…always outside.

My daughter named her Sadie.

Because it was always out at night, I did convince my other half (who to be fair, doesn’t like to see animals neglected or abused – he just doesn’t want them anywhere near him), to let me get a little cat bed/house, to put out on the back porch, so that she had a a soft dry place to sleep. It wasn’t fancy.  It wasn’t particularly sturdy, nor was it raised. But, it did keep her out of the wind.

At first, she loved that little house/bed.  She would come up to the back door, and get a drink of water, as I did put out a clean bowl of it each evening, and she would climb in and sleep soundly throughout the night…then leave as the sun came up.  This went on for quite some time.

THEN, she showed up and STAYED. 

We are not positive, but we think that she got left behind by neighbors that moved.  The timing was just too close, as she showed up the night that they left and didn’t leave again.  Now I could be wrong, because she does wander off during the day for a few hours, but she always comes back each evening.  I started feeding her, but worried about her all the time.

We have a racoon that comes up every few nights.  He was eating out of our bird feeders.  I’d go out and yell at him (or maybe it’s a her) but it didn’t seem scared of me at all.  It was only when I started turning the hose on it, that he/she would meander off.  I started bringing in the bird food each night, but the darn thing kept coming back.  I was really worried about the cat’s safety.  One night they had a stare off, and the cat batted the racoon on the nose.  It high tailed itself off, and I haven’t seen it since. (You go kitty cat!) Big sigh of relief.

THEN another can showed up. This cat was three times the size of our little kitty.  They would leer at each other across the deck, and the other cat would run off, as soon as I walked out the door and shooed it away.  One night, the other cat snuck up and attacked our Sadie while she was sleeping in her little house. I saw the whole thing happen, but couldn’t get out to her in time. To say that there was screeching and catterwalling, is an understatement.  Cat hair was flying, and there was hissing and snarling, and my poor kitty got the brunt of it.  I managed to get the other cat off of her when I got a broom wedged between them.  Big cat ran off in one direction, but sadly Sadie took off in another.  We didn’t see her again for two days.  When she did come back she was absolutely starving. I fed her a big meal, but she would NOT get back in that little cat house again.  She was terrified, and I was so upset for her.  She needed a new bed/house that she felt safe in, and that would keep her warm and dry.

We Got Adopted by a Cat and Clawsable Has Been a Godsend!

Clawsable is all about animal welfare by providing fabulous outdoor cat houses for ferral cats (and outdoor pets). Their weatherproof cat houses provide a safe place for cats to sleep, and keeps them warm in the winter (even the unheated versions), cool in the summer, dry and out of the wind.

From Clawsable:

“Each member of our team is a devoted pet owner who holds a deep love for animals. During a gathering at the rescue station, we experienced firsthand the helplessness of stray cats enduring the harsh cold. Surprisingly, we discovered that there was a notable absence of suitable products in the market to cater to their needs. This realization compelled us to pool our strengths and establish Clawsable.”

Read more about them HERE.

They provided me with a 2-in-1 Portable Outdoor Elevated Heated Cat House for my sweet little girl. This cat house is fabulous. It took me maybe all of 3 minutes to put it together. It’s sturdy, up off the ground, well insulated AND can be plugged in when additional heating is needed.

We Got Adopted by a Cat and Clawsable Has Been a Godsend!
” Waterproof Coating: Provides durability by preventing water infiltration and enhancing fabric longevity. | High-Density 600D Fabric: Withstands challenging weather conditions, ensuring resistance to scratching and biting. | High-Elastic PVC: Adds an extra layer of waterproofing and insulation. | Military-Grade Hollow PP Board: Reinforces the structure, repelling rain, wind, and enhancing stability (1500g/sqm). | Food-Grade Insulating Aluminum Foil: Prevents heat from escaping, achieving exceptional insulation results.”

Just so you know…the picture above is a stock image.  But darn, that can looks so much like MY CAT…here is Sadie.


And here is the Clawsable Cat House on our porch…

I don’t have it plugged in at the moment, as the temperature has warmed up quite a bit in the last few days, but man has it been raining and windy.  It came at just the right time. I am so grateful!

Head on over to Clawsable.  You’ll be impressed with the quality AND delighted at their prices.  Honestly, you would spend just about the same amount making your own ferral cat house.  You would have to buy a sturdy bin, and a styrofoam cooler, and a blaket or bedding material, and figure out a way to get it up off the ground…not to mention the time it takes to go out and buy all the materials then cut out the openings, and put it all together!

The also offer heated Cat Pet “Nests”Heated Bowls, Heated Pet Pads, and Outdoor Pet Cages– both heated and unheated.

They offer free shipping in the US and right now, for the holidays, their products are 15% off.

Head on over to Clawsable and see everything they have to offer.  Be sure to come back and let me know what YOU think!

Find Clawsable – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

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